Take Two: Chai Latte vs. Caffe Mocha

See which java wins the nutrition showdown

When choosing a beverage from a specialty coffee shop, you may lean toward chai latte as the lower-calorie choice. After all, it's made with healthful tea, and the exotic moniker simply sounds healthier than coffee. However, a medium-sized (or "grande") chai latte―a blend of black tea, steamed milk, honey, and spices―has the same amount of calories as the same-sized caffe mocha, even when made with skim milk. Both do provide a hefty dose of calcium―about a quarter of the daily requirement―though the mocha delivers 100 milligrams more.

Chai Latte
(16 fluid ounces, made with skim milk)
230 calories
0 grams fat
250 milligrams calcium


Caffe Mocha
(16 fluid ounces, made with skim milk)
230 calories
2 grams fat
350 milligrams calcium

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