Cut 1 Cup Sugar in 1 Day

You may not have this person's sweet tooth, but being sugar savy can still yield big savings. By Phillip Rhodes

Cut Back on Hidden Sugar

Photo: Iain Bagwell

Cut Back on Hidden Sugar

Follow along with one of our editors as he finds sugar hiding in the most unlikely (and, at times, likely) places.

6 Grams Sugar in Sweetened Vanilla Soy Milk

Photo: Iain Bagwell

5:30 A.M.

So long, sweetened vanilla soy milk. Hello, unsweetened.

Savings in a cup: -6g

Flake and Cluster Cereal Sugar

Photo: Iain Bagwell

5:32 A.M.

Try a bowl of Cheerios instead of the more heavily sweetened flake and cluster combo kind.

- 13g

Sugar Packet

Photo: Iain Bagwell

7:45 A.M.

Use 1 sugar packet instead of 2 in my coffee. Not much of a savings, actually.


7:46 A.M. 
Had a good morning workout, but not good enough to burn off a slice of reduced-fat coffee cake. Skip it.


Unsweetened Iced Tea Sugar

Photo: Iain Bagwell

12:00 P.M.

Order a large half-sweet/half-unsweet iced tea with my deli sandwich.


Sugar in Cookies

Photo: Iain Bagwell

12:03 P.M.

Resist the cookie, grab a banana. Fruit has sugar, too, but it comes with other good-for-you stuff.


Sugar in Greek Yogurt

Photo: Iain Bagwell

3:15 P.M.

If the office-fridge thieves haven't hit, there's a Greek yogurt waiting for me—with blueberries instead of honey.


4:30 P.M. 
Who calls a meeting at 4:30? Resist temptation to dip into mood-boosting mini candy bar supply.


6:15 P.M. 
Headed to potluck cookout. Glad I made coleslaw with my own vinaigrette instead of buying ready-made.


Sugar in a Margarita

Photo: Iain Bagwell

6:45 P.M.

Margarita from a mix? I'll just have a beer. Only 0.32g in 12 ounces.


Sugar in Barbecue

Photo: Iain Bagwell

7:30 P.M.

BBQ! Avoid extra sauce on the sandwich: Sugar is the first ingredient in many sauces.


7:31 P.M. 
Skip the molasses-y baked beans.


Sugar in Caramel Sauce

Photo: Iain Bagwell

8:30 P.M.

Cut the caramel sauce from an already-sweet treat.




728 CAL. TOTAL! 

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