Menu Navigator: Best (and Worst) Choices for Eggs at Breakfast

We'll show you the healthiest choices (and splurge-only dishes) to help you order wisely when eggs are on the menu.

Navigating Breakfast Eggs Illustration

Illustration: Serge Bloch

Breakfast is good for you, and eggs are delicious and nutritious when cooked simply—poached, say, or lightly scrambled, with unbuttered whole-wheat toast and some homemade preserves.

But when the egg crosses the road to get to the restaurant side, it picks up a few habits on the way. A lot of gussying goes on, a tremendous laying-on of cheese and butter and salty meats, often in lumberjack quantities. Delicious, yes, but more than you need to start your day.

Getting back to the simple virtues of the egg is a matter of considering how the dish is described by the waiter, and, unless you're splurging, going easy on the sides. Dishes marked splurge only below aren't banned (no food is) but can be a really big indulgence. Nutrition numbers vary widely among restaurants; use these as a guideline.

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