Healthier Than You Think

Holiday dishes aren't necessarily nutrition nightmares. Ten you'll be happy to have.

It's true. Pumpkin pie, stuffing, fruitcake, spiced pecans, and other holiday dishes pack a fair amount of fat and calories. But what's not often highlighted is that many of these foods are also good sources of some essential nutrients, providing significant percentages of the Daily Values for iron, fiber, and several vitamins and minerals. Check out the numbers below, and party on!

 Holiday Food % of RDA
1 slice pumpkin pie 237% of vitamin A, 15% of calcium
1/2 cup Brussels sprouts 80% of vitamin C, 14% of fiber
1 slice fruitcake 9% of iron
1/2 cup cranberry sauce 6% of fiber
6 oysters 212% of vitamin B12, 178% of zinc, 25% of iron
3 ounces roasted turkey breast (skin removed) 34% of niacin, 27% of vitamin B6
1 ounce roasted chestnuts 18% of vitamin C
1 ounce pecans 10% of zinc
1 sweet potato (with skin) 498% of vitamin A, 47% vitamin C, 14% of fiber
1/2 cup creamed spinach 17% of vitamin C, 13% of calcium


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