Menu Navigator: Best (and Worst) Choices at Pizza Restaurants

We'll give you the skinny on how to choose healthy pizzas that won't bust your calorie counter.

Navigating Pizza Menu Illustration

Illustration: Serge Bloch

Choose with care at your local pizza shop, or it may be your waistline that's doughy. Two slices can easily cost 500 calories without supplying much in the way of helpful nutrients. Perhaps the most pressing health concern of all, though, is that it's shockingly easy to consume more than a day's worth of sodium from just two slices.

But fear not—it is possible to eat pizza without undoing a healthy diet. When it comes to calories, there are smart choices and indulgent ones, as you'll see. Sky-high sodium, though, is nearly impossible to avoid. Your best strategy is to plan around it: Precede or follow pizza night with a day of lower-sodium foods.

And size does matter: Order a large instead of a medium, and you end up consuming nearly 40 percent more pizza per slice.

The numbers below are for two slices. Those labeled "Splurge Only" aren't untouchable—no food is—but can be a really big splurge. Nutrition numbers are estimates.

Splurge Only:

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Healthy Choices:

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