How I Cut 6,999mg of Sodium

That's three days' worth of salt. These examples show that some foods are worth avoiding; other cases just require sodium savvy.

Cut Back on Hidden Sodium

Photo: Randy Mayor

Cut Back on Hidden Sodium

Wondering where all the sodium is hidden? You’ll be surprised at the unlikely (and sometimes highly likely—looking at you, salty margarita) places we found the mg’s. Take a little trip with us through an editor’s day to see where he cut back.

Sodium in Frosted Mini Wheats

Photo: Randy Mayor

6:20 AM

Read cereal box before pouring the bowl. Had avoided Frosted Mini-Wheats because of the sugar but notice they contain much less sodium than my usual bran-and-raisin routine.

Saved: 245mg

Sodium in Milk

Photo: Randy Mayor

6:22 AM

While eating cereal, peruse milk label. See that milk naturally contains about 100mg sodium per cup. Hmm...

Saved: 0mg

Sodium in Dark Roast Coffee

Photo: Randy Mayor

7:45 AM

Put new milk smarts to good use: Order 12-ounce dark roast instead of a mostly milk latte. Figure sodium savvy earns me a treat: a shot of half-and-half.

Saved: 114mg

Sodium in a Roast Beef and Cheddar Sandwich

Photo: Randy Mayor

12:30 PM

Run out to fast casual soup-and-sandwich chain for lunch. Instead of a smoked turkey (smoked = salty) and Swiss on wheat, opt for roast beef and cheddar.

Saved: 810mg

Sodium in a Pickle

Photo: Randy Mayor

12:31 PM

Hold the pickle spear.

Saved: 306mg

Sodium in Smoked Almonds

Photo: Randy Mayor

3:00 PM

Stressful meeting. Relieve frustration by ripping apart an orange instead of dipping into smoked almond supply.

Saved: 160mg

Sodium in a Margarita

Photo: Randy Mayor

6:15 PM

Tasty cocktail after work with friends at nearby Mexican place: Order margarita sans salt.

Saved: 435mg

Sodium in Tortilla Chips

Photo: Randy Mayor

6:30 PM

Resist urge to polish off most of basket of chips. Restrain myself to, let's say, one-tenth.

Saved: 484mg

Sodium in Taco Bell Burrito Box

Photo: Randy Mayor

7:15 PM

On the way home, pass billboard luring me to Taco Bell for 5 Buck Box of burritos and tacos. Resist.

Saved: 3,030mg

Sodium in Kosher Salt

Photo: Randy Mayor

7:40 PM

Start prepping dinner—two quick chicken paillards and salad. Recipe calls for ¼ teaspoon salt for chicken. Use kosher instead of table, which reduces sodium by 20%.

Saved: 110mg

Sodium in Natural Chicken

Photo: Randy Mayor

7:41 PM

Glad I bought natural chicken that hasn't been plumped with salty stock.

Saved: 440mg

Sodium in Vinaigrette

Photo: Randy Mayor

8:00 PM

Bypass the full-sodium bottle of vinaigrette and make my own.

Saved: 365mg

Sodium in Antacids

Photo: Randy Mayor

9:30 PM

Time for House Hunters International. After 20 minutes of sofa surfing, feel heartburn coming on. Pop antacids—calcium-based instead of surprisingly sodium-heavy plop-and-fizz kind.

Saved: 500mg

Now, on to bed...

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