Recipe Makeover: Brioche

Toasty, buttery French brioche gets a makeover in time for the holidays.

Brioche Rolls Recipe

Photo: John Autry

  • Brioche dough Forms Rough Mass

    Better Brioche Step 1

    The butter is sufficiently incorporated when the dough forms a rough mass and rides with the dough hook, pulling away from the sides of the bowl.

  • Gently Press Fingers into Dough

    Step 2

    Once risen, the dough should be satiny and smooth. Gently press two fingers into dough; if indentation remains, dough is ready to go.

  • Roll Dough Pieces into Balls

    Step 3

    Roll the dough pieces into 1-1/2-inch balls, and place in muffin cups coated with cooking spray.

  • Brush with Egg Wash

    Step 4

    Gently brush dough with egg wash to create a golden, flaky crust. Once brioche is baked, a final brush of butter ensures rich flavor in each roll.

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Fluffy, flaky morsels of butter-laden brioche exemplify the art of the French baker, and this rich bread is deliciously adaptable in holiday dishes. Brioche dough makes a splendid base for bread pudding or sticky buns, and the baked bread makes delicious croutons and breadcrumbs. It's also wonderful alone, traditionally slathered with a bit more butter. But the Nutrition Grinch will point out that you can eat 27 grams of fat in just one fluffy roll—and he has a point.

How to keep this chubby carb from weighing down the holiday table? Our approach does not banish the trinity of butter, eggs, and sugar—it just slims it down. A stand mixer streamlines prep, and muffin tins keep portions in check. An overnight rise in the fridge builds flavor and develops texture. The result? Flaky rolls, buttery essence, and a top Test Kitchen rating. Brioche is back, better than ever.

524 calories per serving
27.1 grams fat
15.7 grams saturated fat
511 milligrams sodium
Loads of butter
Over-the-top portion

128 calories per serving
4.9 grams fat
2.8 grams saturated fat
94 milligrams sodium
Loads of flavor and rich, tender crumb with just the right amount of butter
Sensible, satisfying portion

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