Add Whole Grains

The fourth challenge is to eat three more servings of whole grains each day. We clarify the definitions and decode the labels so you will know exactly what you're eating and, well, approximately how much. Is "brown" bread whole-grain? Well, sometimes...

Decoding Whole-Grain Food Labeling

How can you tell if a product is really a whole-grain food? Stick to the ingredient list for the answer, and find 37 common products here and see if they pass our whole-grain test. By Sidney Fry, MS, RD

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Bob’s Red Mill Blue Cornmeal

Bob’s Red Mill Blue Cornmeal

YES: This 100% whole grain is one ingredient only: whole grain blue corn. Stone ground is often a misleading term, but for this cornmeal, it refers to the process used to mill the grain. This cornmeal has the bran, germ, and endosperm intact after milling, and is an excellent source of whole grains. While it is 100% whole-grain authentic, there is no “stamp” of approval to indicate its authenticity, nor is it labeled as 100%.

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