Eat More Fish

The ninth Healthy Habits goal: Make seafood the centerpiece of two meals a week.

The Best Sustainable Fish Sources of Omega-3s

New Dietary Guidelines recommend fish twice per week. Here are some good picks for sustainability and omega-3 fatty acids.

Healthy and Sustainable Seafood
Photo: Randy Mayor

Healthy and Sustainable Seafood

Just about the time the idea that seafood was heart-healthy had become widely understood, the sustainability issue crept into the picture. Some of the fish that rate high on ecofriendly lists (tilapia, for instance) are also among the lowest in omega-3 fatty acids. But don't give up just yet and look to, say, nuts for all your good fats. Fish is the best source of two important types of omega-3s, DHA and EPA. The fish mentioned here provide two to six times a daily dose, and they're great sustainable options, as well.

How much to aim for: 250mg per day.

How they help your heart: Protect against cardiovascular disease by lowering blood pressure, reducing arterial inflammation, and helping your heart beat at a steady rhythm.

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