Solutions for Everyday Kitchen Mistakes

You can learn from your mistakes, but it may result in ugly cakes, calorie overloads, and even singed arm hair (ouch!).  Learn from our cooking, nutrition, grilling, and baking mistakes instead!

The Most Common Nutrition Mistakes

These common nutrition mistakes can lead anyone astray. Learn how to avoid them for better health.

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You assume the only heart-healthy alcohol is red wine
Photo: Oxmoor House

41. You assume the only heart-healthy alcohol is red wine

THE RESULT: You miss out on beer, white wine, and liquors, which all have benefits.

THE FIX: The so-called French Paradox elevated red wine to health-food status when researchers thought it was the antioxidants in the drink that protected the foie gras– and cheese-loving French from heart disease. More recent research, however, has shown that antioxidants aren’t the answer after all. Alcohol—the ethanol itself—raises levels of protective high-density lipoproteins (HDL, or good cholesterol), which help protect against plaque buildup in the arteries and reduce clotting factors that contribute to stroke and heart attack. Any kind of beverage that contains alcohol, when consumed in moderation (and that means one to two drinks per day), helps reduce heart disease risk.

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