Solutions for Everyday Kitchen Mistakes

You can learn from your mistakes, but it may result in ugly cakes, calorie overloads, and even singed arm hair (ouch!).  Learn from our cooking, nutrition, grilling, and baking mistakes instead!

The Most Common Nutrition Mistakes

These common nutrition mistakes can lead anyone astray. Learn how to avoid them for better health.

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Nutrition Mistake: You Think Wheat Germ is a Whole Grain
Photo: Oxmoor House

18. You sprinkle wheat germ on yogurt or muffins for crunchy, whole-grain goodness.

Result: A good nutrient boost, but not quite a whole-grain boost

A whole grain is a seed with three parts: bran, endosperm, and germ. Wheat germ is only one component of a whole grain. Most of the fiber is in the bran, and the protein is in the endosperm. Wheat germ delivers a concentrated wallop of folate and vitamin E but doesn’t count as a whole grain. 

What to do: Enjoy your germ, but not at the expense of other whole-grain choices.

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