Holiday Party Calorie Counter

No point having a Scrooge-ish disposition about holiday indulging. But knowing where the calories lie doesn't hurt, either.

Party Time Calories

Photo: Randy Mayor

Party Time Calories

With the holidays upon us, a cocktail party is more than likely in the near future for many of us. But, when it comes time to spread a little cheer, don't throw those healthy eating habits to the wind. Word to the wise: Not all cocktails and hors d'oeuvres are created equal. For example, our Cranberry Mimosa is a mere 100 calories and a rich cup of egg nog is more than four times that amount clocking in at 450 calories per 6 fl. oz. Alas, don't let the stats get you down. Eating smart during the holidays doesn't mean you need to steer clear of the party spread. Armed with your cocktail party calorie knowledge, you'll be able to make wise choices and, who knows, maybe even indulge a little.

Wrapped Asparagus Calories

Photo: Randy Mayor

Wrapped Asparagus

A healthy vegetable baked with crisp phyllo and a bit of savory prosciutto.

3 spears: 59 calories

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Cranberry Mimosa Calories

Photo: Randy Mayor

Cranberry Mimosa

Bubbly with a splash of cranberry juice.

100 calories per 5 fl. oz.

Gin & Tonic Calories

Photo: Randy Mayor

Gin & Tonic

Sugary tonic water contributes 1/3 of this cocktail's calories.

138 calories per 5.5 fl. oz.

Antipasto Platter Calories

Photo: Randy Mayor

Antipasto Platter

Festive indeed, but a salty choice. Nearly 700mg of sodium in just 2 olives and an ounce of salami (about 3 slices).

144 calories

Dipped Pretzels Calories

Photo: Randy Mayor

Dipped Pretzels

Sweet, slightly salty, and satisfying, with some filling fiber in the honey-wheat pretzels.

3 pretzel sticks: 135 calories

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Manhattan Drink Calories

Photo: Randy Mayor


Bourbon, bitters, and sweet vermouth—nearly all the calories from alcohol.

166 calories per 3 fl. oz.

Sun-Dried Tomato Palmiers Calories

Photo: Randy Mayor

Sun-Dried Tomato Palmiers

Olives and sun-dried tomatoes in buttery, puffy pastry.

2 palmiers: 168 calories

View Recipe: Sun-Dried Tomato Palmiers

Classic Cosmo Calories

Photo: Randy Mayor

Classic Cosmo

Sweetened orange liqueur carries half the caloric weight—more than the vodka or cranberry splash.

223 calories per 4 fl. oz.

Sangria Calories

Photo: Randy Mayor


Wine and brandy, dressed with sugar and fruit juices, which add 25% more calories.

260 calories per 8 fl. oz.

Salty Mixed Nuts Calories

Photo: Randy Mayor

Salty Mixed Nuts

Though full of good fats, a handful here and there can add up fast.

½ cup: 407 calories

Cheese and Crackers Calories

Photo: Randy Mayor

Cheese and Crackers

This party favorite—just a few pieces of cheese on crackers—can become meal-sized in no time.

420 calories

Eggnog Calories

Photo: Randy Mayor


The nog isn't the calorie culprit here, contributing only about 12% of the calories. The rest is eggs, spiced cream, and nearly an entire day's worth (20g) of saturated fat.

450 calories per 6 fl. oz.

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