Heart-Healthy Recipes

Delicious recipes filled with good-for-the-heart fresh ingredients, healthy fats, and whole grains.

Heart-Healthy Basics

Get all the information you need to start cooking heart-healthy meals.

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Heart-Smart Basics

Heart-Smart Basics

Find out what you need to know about eating a heart-healthy diet. Follow these basic guidelines, and you’ll be on your way to optimum heart health.


Cholesterol-friendly foods

Cholesterol 101

Choosing certain foods can help cholesterol numbers add up in your favor.


Salted Pretzel

Sodium and Your Health

Why everyone could do with a “less is more” approach to sodium.


Facts on Fats Opener

The Facts on Fats

What you need to know about fats and how they fit into your diet


What are these trends?


A flexible take on vegetarianism, this approach involves a primarily plant-based diet supplemented with occasional protein.


Roast a Chicken and Rave

All About Poultry

From chicken to quail, enjoy the versatility and pleasing flavors of poultry.



Facts About Shrimp

Despite the fact that shrimp contain more cholesterol than some other types of seafood, the total fat and saturated fat (the real culprit in heart disease) content is very low. So we think it’s fine to include shrimp in a heart-healthy diet.


Beef tenderloin steaks

Buy the Best Beef

Our expert guide to selecting the most nutritious, flavorful, and versatile cuts of red meat.



Budget-Friendly Beef

Try these lesser-known, lean and flavorful cuts for maximum taste at an affordable price.


Heart-Smart Chocolate

Heart-Smart Chocolate

Mounting evidence shows that certain forms of chocolate may be good for your health. The key is in the cocoa content.


Heart-Smart Cookies, Brownies, and Snack Cakes

Buying Pre-Packaged Desserts

Be sure to check the label on these premade baked sweet treats—they’re often among the prime places trans fats are found in the grocery store.

More Ways To Get Cooking Light



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Cooking with Quinoa: 25 Recipes

High in protein and fiber, quinoa [KEEN-wah] is not only versatile, it also tastes wonderful and has a nice crunch. Find 24 delicious recipes for cooking with this ancient whole grain.

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