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8 Secrets for Aging Well

Want to live longer, look better, and feel full of energy? Look no further than how you eat and live. Some lifestyle choices lengthen lifespan; others shorten it dramatically.  By: Maureen Callahan, MS, RD

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Sip Green Tea

Sip Green Tea

Japanese researchers continue to uncover new and better benefits for people who drink this humble liquid. Initial studies link green tea drinking to a reduced mortality risk and lower risk of stroke, dementia, and bone fractures. Tea drinkers also have less psychological distress. And the latest findings: Sipping on the green brew in later years--after the age of 65--keeps people functioning at high levels during daily activities. Antioxidants, including epigalloccatechin gallate, are the suspected protective culprits.

The Longevity Fix: The greatest green tea benefits come from two cups per day.




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