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8 Secrets for Aging Well

Want to live longer, look better, and feel full of energy? Look no further than how you eat and live. Some lifestyle choices lengthen lifespan; others shorten it dramatically.  By: Maureen Callahan, MS, RD

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Sit Less
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Sit Less

In some medical circles, sitting is considered the new smoking. In fact, two recent studies show that sitting for most of the day ups your risk for health-related fatalities. Feeling smug about hour-long gym workouts? Here’s another newsflash: A single exercise session makes little difference to health and longevity when the rest of your day is sedentary. Speculation is that prolonged time spent sitting negatively impacts cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and blood pressure--setting the stage for chronic diseases. 

The Longevity Fix: Fidget more. Walk more. And if you have a sit down job, break at least once an hour to move around.

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