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The 10 Worst Habits Destroying Your Diet

If you’re having problems losing weight or keeping it off, you may have one or more “fat habits”—those daily behaviors, choices, and actions that are keeping you out of your skinny jeans.  Here are 10 of the worst habits and how you can kick them now! By: Julie Upton, MS, RD and  Katherine Brooking, MS, RD, authors of The Real Skinny: Appetite for Health’s 101 Fat Habits & Slim Solutions

Fat Habit: Food is My BFF
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Fat Habit 2: Food is my BFF

Slim Solution: Most people who have weight woes also suffer from emotional eating. You may snack at work because you’re bored or binge when you need a pick-me-up after a bad day.

To combat emotional eating, you need to practice mindful eating. This means being fully present in the moment (not distracted or watching television) when you eat. Eating mindfully will help you recognize when you’re truly physically hungry and when emotions are taking over. Before you rush to soothe your feelings with food, stop and assess what’s happening. Observe and describe your feelings. Ask yourself, “Am I really hungry?” Build self control and try to banish emotional eating that does not come from true hunger.


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