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The Truth About 6 Common Health Drinks

Exercise junkies, trend seekers, and the just plain thirsty are happily sipping a whole slew of new beverages that boast a myriad of health benefits. The big question: Do they deliver? By: Maureen Callahan, MS, RD

Coconut Water
Photo courtesy of Zico Natural

Coconut Water

Can this tropical treat (the liquid inside young green coconuts) slow aging, prevent cancer, and live up to its cure-all image? Well, no. It’s not a magic health elixir. But as a post-workout hydration cocktail? Definitely. A few small studies suggest coconut water is just as effective as sports beverages at rehydrating exercisers after short to moderate workouts. For strenuous activity, experts worry coconut water is too low in sodium to replace what’s lost in sweat during intense exercise. It is a potassium powerhouse though, with as much potassium as two oranges and a skinny 60 calories and zero fat in each cup of Zico Natural.

Bottom Line: Think of it as trendy. Maybe grab one instead of a sugary sports drink.




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