March 22, 2016

The metallic trend in home and kitchen decor is going nowhere fast. I figured I would see at this year's Housewares Show in Chicago that bright shiny metals were going to be replaced with brushed black and dark gray metals soon. Boy, was I ever wrong! I'm calling it now—fall's hottest color is going to be copper. You'll see it in everything from your jewelry to your stand mixer.

But we're not to fall yet, so what metal magic can we celebrate as the temperatures warm this spring? Rose gold!

On a color science level, rose gold is a classic gold that has an added touch of copper for a rosy hint of pink. It's a warmer hue of gold that isn't garish or brusk like copper can be, but it's not as "plain" as your typical run-of-the-mill golds. On a fashion level, it's an almost neutral color that lends itself to a variety of applications, from housewares to high fashion--even

Zuo Forecast Pendant Light, $458 from Target: Talk about drama! This ceiling light adds character and a conversation piece to any room you put it in, but we'd love to see it over a kitchen table!

Metallic Idiom Pencil Case, $24 from Anthropologie: Drop your mints, pens, hand sanitizer, and bobby pins into this precious pencil case, and keep it in your purse or baby bag.

More Springtime Kitchen Decor Trends:

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