How to Plank-Grill Salmon

Grill planks lend smoky, woody flavors to salmon. Follow these instructions on preparing your plank and grilling for a delicious dinner.

Smoky Salmon

Photo: Johnny Autry

Smoky Salmon

You can cook everything from tuna to tenderloin on a wood plank, but salmon gains the most from this extra smoky infusion; you simply can't miss it. Follow these instructions and you can't go wrong!

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Soak the Plank

Photo: Oxmoor House

1. Soak the Plank

You’ll need to soak the plank before using it to help keep the fish moist. A soaked plank also produces maximum smoke and is less likely to burn. Submerge it in water for at least 1 hour. Use the soaked plank right away since the wood will start to dry out.

Grill the Plank

Photo: Oxmoor House

2. Grill the Plank

Preheat the grill, and place the plank on the grill rack. Grill the plank for 3 minutes or until lightly charred.

Place Fish on Charred Side of the Plank

Photo: Oxmoor House

3. Place Fish on Charred Side of the Plank

Carefully turn the plank over using long-handled tongs. Food that touches the wood takes on more flavor, so arrange the fish on the plank in a single layer on the charred side.

Close the Grill

Photo: Oxmoor House

4. Close the Grill

After placing the food on the plank, immediately close the grill so that the smoke surrounds the food, and grill until the fish are done.

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