How to Peel Crawfish

Crawfish season peaks in April or May, when the crawfish are the fattest.

Peel Crawfish: Separate Tail from Head

Step 1

Before you peel the shell, separate the tail from the head. Begin by holding the head in one hand and the tail in the other.

Peel Crawfish: Twist Your Hands in Opposite Directions

Step 2

Gently twist your hands in opposite directions until the crawfish splits in half.

Peel Crawfish: Squeeze Tail

Step 3

Gently squeeze the sides of the tail until you hear the shell crack. Beginning at the top, peel away a few segments of the shell until enough meat is exposed for you to grasp it securely.

Peel Crawfish: Pull Meat Away From Tail

Step 4

Holding the fan of the tail in one hand, pull the meat away from the shell. Tip: If the meat breaks apart, peel away the remaining shell segments.

Peel Crawfish: Ready to Eat

Step 5

Now, you’re ready to eat. For a more authentic Cajun experience: Suck the seasoned cooking liquid after you remove the head before you discard it. You can use your teeth rather than your fingers to remove the crawfish meat from the cracked shell.

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