Fresh Food Fast 24/7 Shopping Lists

Find printable versions of the 10 shopping lists featured in Fresh Food Fast 24/7.

Fresh Food Fast 24/7

Oxmoor House

We’re skeptical of full-week meal planners because that’s just not realistic for most people. Some of us spend evenings chauffeuring carloads of kids to soccer practice and play dates. Others cook just for two. Instead, in this new feature of the Cooking Light Fresh Food Fast series, we focused on creating 10 meal planners that make enjoying fresh food at any meal throughout the week more practical. Each planner includes one shopping list for three dinners and a mix of breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and desserts. Cooking three nights a week? One planner’s got you covered. If you’re a devoted weeknight cook, you can combine two of your favorite planners for six dinners and nearly a week’s worth of great meals.

The shopping lists don’t include the basics: salt, pepper, oil, all-purpose flour, and cooking spray (we assume you have those) or optional ingredients. Click the links below to find printable PDF versions of each of the shopping lists.

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