10 Best Cookware Trends from the Last 25 Years

10 kitchen-tech trends of the past 25 years, including 34 useful products. By: Phillip Rhodes, Photos: Brian Woodcock

Supersharp, beautifully balanced knives
1. Miyabi 8" Birchwood Chef’s Knife ($280) 2. Miyabi Artisan SG2 8" Chef’s Knife ($200) 3. Glestain Gyutou ($170) 4. Togiharu Hammered Texture Damascus Nakiri ($149) 5. Shun Classic Pro Usuba ($225) 6. Global GS-3 Cook Knife ($76) 7. Shun 10th Anniversary Chef’s Knife ($300) 8. Masamoto Shiro-ko Hongasumi 7" Usuba ($310) 9. Messermeister Mu Bamboo 8" Chef’s Knife ($135)

3. Supersharp, beautifully balanced knives

Elegantly slender, exquisitely detailed, breathtakingly sharp, and flat-out sexy: The Japanese-style knives that began appearing in American kitchens in the late ’90s turned the simple act of chopping into one of meditative pleasure. The knives are less bulky than previous European designs. There’s no bolster (the thick junction of blade and handle) to get in your way. Stronger steel alloys allow the blades to be lighter, thinner, and honed to a keener edge— a 15-degree angle versus the 20 degrees found on most Western knives. There are styles for every culinary application, with prices dropping. Yes, professional sharpening is required—but that’s true of any good knife.

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