April 13, 2015

Listen up. If you've never cooked with a pressure cooker (you need to) or even if you have with mixed results, your world is about to change. All-Clad's recent introduction of their

And if you're going to get one, pay a little extra for this one. Without getting into the logistics of pressure cooking, just know that there are a few phases of the process: getting the cooker to pressure, cooking under pressure, and releasing the pressure. And for the neophyte, the PC-8's "smart-timer" guides you through every step of the process. In fact, it's probably harder to screw something up in this gadget than it is to get it right. So there's that for the newcomer. And for you pressure cooker veterans out there, you are probably familiar with the seals that crimp and become dislodged after a few uses or the struggle of lining up grooves and handles to get the lid on just right. All-Clad has eliminated this frustration with its lid. I swear to God, I opened it and closed it about 30 times (believe me, everyone here in the Test Kitchen saw me do it ad nauseum) the moment I pulled it out of the box.

And while these may seem like small things, they are really what make the All-Clad PC8-Precision a device that can justify its price tag. Because with them, pressure cooking becomes a process that can be seamlessly woven into your regular cooking routine as opposed to just a sort of niche arrow in your quiver. Like I said before: Just get one.


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