August 17, 2015

Did you know that you can pickle just about anything? Really! Cukes aside, a little vinegar brine adds incredible tang and sweetness to fruits and vegetables, from starchy corn to juicy peaches. More than just a centuries-old method of preserving, pickling brings unexpected characteristics out of the produce we eat all the time. They can transform dishes now, two months from now, or well into the winter. Here are a few of our favorite recipes for pickling summer bounty.

Why not start with the classic? Fresh pickles have a firm texture and a more subtle vinegar bite. Pack these tightly into jars like sardines and store for up to a year. Eat out of hand, or mince and add to

Green beans have a similar snap to cucumbers, and their thick skins will help maintain that texture. The sweet and sour profile isn’t as strong as a bread and butter pickle, which makes it more versatile. Top a sandwich like this

This spicy corn relish is essential in the South, usually for topping a

Yes, you can pickle tomatoes, and yes, they are delicious. The brine compliments the naturally sweet-tart fruit, which absorbs just enough of the toasted spices in the liquid. Add a couple to

Beautifully spiced, tangy-sweet pickled peaches are a “make it” topper, completely transforming a slice of

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