May 02, 2012

In this new blog franchise, editors and test kitchen professionals will take on the DIY side of being a home cook to answer the question, "Is it really worth it?" In this update, editorial team member Hannah Klinger tackles making hamburger buns at home--just in time for National Hamburger Month.

We love to make our own

Pricewise, the savings aren’t there. A package of 8 costs around $2, and the ingredients for homemade (including yeast) run about that much. You might be able to control the size and shape—these monsters might suit a Hungryman contest—but again, too much bun just distracts from the burger.  
So if you’ve got the time and the gumption, go for it. But if you’d rather save a little time and sanity, stick to store bought. 
Fun fact: In China, McDonalds hamburgers are advertised with much larger buns and just a sliver of meat. McDonalds found that Chinese customers preferred more bread (akin to steamed buns, or baos, a popular snack) and cared little about the filling.