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Kimberly Holland
March 28, 2016

If you asked us to pick our favorite parts of Easter, we'd cite all the fun and delicious things we love so much: jelly beans, chocolate eggs, Easter cakes, even that special Easter ham. Could we rank them? No. They're all just too special. But we might all agree on this one thing: Dying Easter eggs is one experience you just can't enjoy any other time of the year. Whether you're using those old-school color tabs and vinegar or a more sophisticated natural dye palate, transforming a humble egg into a beautiful work of art is so very much fun, especially with little ones around.

Now once the egg dying is done, what are you to do with that basket full of hued hard-boiled beauties? Eat them of course. Here are 10 recipes that make delicious use of those leftover hard-boiled eggs.

Note: If you actually used your dyed eggs in an Easter egg hunt, don't eat them. Pitch them, and save these ideas for the next time you get on a hard-boiled egg kick.

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