April 10, 2012

Having the right tools for any job is important—whether that’s pruning squash vines or painting houses. If National Garden Week has inspired you to start your own backyard plot, or if you’re a seasoned green thumb looking to freshen up with some fun tools, we’ve found a few things that make gardening a bit more colorful.

When looking at tools, make sure you spend some time mimicking the moves you would make if you were in the garden—digging, lifting, twisting. Tools that are bulky, too heavy, or too long may be hard to use and can ultimately make digging in the dirt less exciting. Look for tools that fit your natural grip and don’t cause you to awkwardly turn your wrist or hand to maneuver.

Ya Dig It?
The short handles of the

Water Supply
Sun, soil, and water: The essential ingredients for a perfect garden. Refresh your plants with a shower of water in style. ($20,

Girly Gardener

Pretty Pots
Some herbs, like mint, have a bad reputation in the garden: If left to their own devices, they can be highly invasive. Tame their unruly ways by growing them in pots or urns. Anthropologie’s

Mark Your Garden
Hand-painted, one-of-a-kind garden markers keep your garden in neat, orderly rows – in a fun, vintage art kind of way. ($20, etsy.com)

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