February 27, 2014

Send this gardener traveling and she'll sniff out spots with farm-fed kitchens and a fresh take on ingredients. In my world, ideal tilth means a healthy soil teeming with nutrients--a great foundation for all food. It's also proven a great foundation for a Seattle restaurant by the same name.

Chef Maria Hines, a James Beard winner, showcases organic and foraged wild foods at

All in the name of research and job dedication, I strolled to the Pioneer Square neighborhood to shop at E. Smith Mercantile, covered in our January/February travel guide to Seattle. Expecting cool vintage finds, I also found that the store fronts a cozy bar in the back. This spot seems like a neighborhood secret, but the locals are willing to share, as I discovered halfway through my curry tincture-laced, lemony Gold Rush cocktail. A surprise three inches of snow and excitement to share more of Seattle's finest spots for hungry travelers, the night proved anything but sleepless.

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