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Champagne mangoes pack a flavor punch that's as nutritious as it is delicious.

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May 13, 2017

Two things to know about Champagne (a.k.a. Ataulfo) mangoes: They're at peak season in June, and they make other mangoes seem a little blah. Smaller than green-red Tommy Atkins, these yellow-skinned mangoes have creamy texture, floral fragrance, and ethereal sweetness with honey and vanilla notes, making them the idea summer sweet treat.

Summer colds, be warned: Champagne mangoes pack more than 300% of your daily vitamin C requirement—five times more than other mango varieties.

Champagne Mangoes with Lime and Sea Salt

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View Recipe: Champagne Mangoes with Lime and Sea Salt

You can keep the flesh on the skin, "porcupine-style," as shown below.

How to Dice a Mango

Simple steps for extracting all the ripe, juicy flesh from this tropical fruit.

1. Stand mango upright. Slice off the two broad sides, cutting as close as possible to the thin, oval pit in the center.

2. Cut flesh away from sides of pit, using the pit as a guide. This lops off two crescent-shaped slices.

3. Slice peel away from each crescent as you'd cut a melon slice from its peel. Cut the peeled mango into cubes.

4. Make a porcupine effect by scoring a 1/2-inch crosshatch into each mango cheek, cutting to, but not through, the skin.

5. Press the skin to invert the cheeks so the cubes protrude. Closely follow the skin contour to slice off cubes.