Taste Test: Our Guide to the Best Products at the Supermarket

There are tens of thousands of products on supermarket shelves; let us help you pick the best—in both taste and nutrition. After booting out foods that don't fit our nutrition standards, products are served to a Cooking Light staff tasting panel for blind taste tests. Here are the winning products in a variety of categories.

Pantry Staples

Leave the guesswork to us: here are the best staple products to keep in your pantry.

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Best Barbeque Sauces

Taste Test: Barbeque Sauces

We tested 16 top-selling barbecue sauces with less than 350mg sodium per serving. We found two tasty favorites.


Taste Test: Oats

Taste Test: Quick Oats

Steel-cut oats taste great but take ages on the stove. These fast versions deliver flavor and texture.


Best Store-Bought Vanilla Extract

Taste Test: Pure Vanilla Extracts

A drop will do ya, which is why it's so important to use a good one. By Kimberly Holland


peanut butter jars

Best Peanut Butter

From creamy to crunchy to natural options, here are our spread-worthy picks.


Best Store-Bought Slim Sandwich Bread

Taste Test: Whole-Grain Thin Sandwich Bread

Thin is in: The best whole-grain slim sandwich breads


Best Store-Bought Pickles

Taste Test: Pickles

Our pickle picks: the best bread-and-butter chips and dill spears.


Best Strawberry Preserves

Taste Test: Best Strawberry Preserves

We tried 16 varieties of strawberry preserves and spreads and came up with our favorite fruity picks.


Best Ketchups

Taste Test: Our Favorite Ketchups

Just in time for grill season: America's favorite hamburger topping, rated.


Best Dijon Mustard Brands

Taste Test: The Best Dijon Mustards

A panel of Cooking Light staffers sampled 11 traditional and 6 seeded Dijon mustards in three blind taste testings and delivered their picks for the best in the category.


Best Everyday Olive Oil Brands

Taste Test: The Best Everyday Olive Oils

Our picks for the best everyday olive oils show that "all-purpose" shouldn't mean no-flavor.


Best Brands of Red Wine Vinegar

Taste Test: Red Wine Vinegars

This kitchen staple can vary wildly in taste and price. But you don’t have to overpay―just choose wisely.

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