Taste Test: Our Guide to the Best Products at the Supermarket

There are tens of thousands of products on supermarket shelves; let us help you pick the best—in both taste and nutrition. After booting out foods that don't fit our nutrition standards, products are served to a Cooking Light staff tasting panel for blind taste tests. Here are the winning products in a variety of categories.

Taste Test: Best Indian-Style Simmering Sauces

A panel of Cooking Light staff attended two blind tastings of 12 nationally available Indian-style sauces.

Best Store-Bought Indian-Style Simmering Sauces

Photo: Randy Mayor

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Nutrition note: Nuts, butter, yogurt, and coconut milk are often used to add creaminess to curries—and they up the sat fat substantially. Look for sauces that deliver no more than 4g sat fat and 450mg sodium per ½ cup.

BEST WITH VEGETABLES: WINNER: Archer Farms Vindaloo, $2.99 (13.2 ounces)
Lemony and full of heat, with a backbone of cumin, coriander, and cardamom. Coconut milk and butter provide creaminess (and 4g sat fat). Traditional with pork, but try with potatoes.

BEST WITH CHICKEN: WINNER: Kerala Curry Tikka Masala Sauce, $2.75 (10 ounces)
Tasters raved about this thick tomato-based sauce. Delicate sweetness and vibrant aromas of nutmeg and cumin with robust punch of heat. Will satisfy curry experts and novices alike.

BEST WITH FISH: WINNER: Patak's Original Dopiaza Curry, $2.99 (15 ounces)
Spicy and sweet with an intense, tart kick, this onion-and-tomato sauce (with no fatty add-ins) delivers a thick texture and wonderfully roasted flavor. Tastes like a curry that's been simmering for hours.

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