Taste Test: Our Guide to the Best Products at the Supermarket

There are tens of thousands of products on supermarket shelves; let us help you pick the best—in both taste and nutrition. After booting out foods that don't fit our nutrition standards, products are served to a Cooking Light staff tasting panel for blind taste tests. Here are the winning products in a variety of categories.

2011 Taste Test Awards: Grocery Category Winners

The Tasties are back! Find America's best supermarket products in 18 categories. By Cindy Hatcher

Reduced-Fat Plain Potato Chips
Photo: Randy Mayor

Reduced-Fat Plain Potato Chips

They may be fried, but these reduced-fat chips offer taste, texture, and crunch closer to that of full-fat options for just a few more calories and fat grams (much of which is the heart-healthy kind) than baked chips. Manufacturers are able to do this by adding a step post-fry where they quickly remove excess surface oil before it dries.

GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Lay's Kettle Cooked Reduced Fat.
Just about indistinguishable from their full-fat counterparts—the only thing missing was the grease on our hands after we raided the bag. Great crunch, courtesy of a thick-cut; super-bright salinity that melts away to soft, true potato flavor.

TASTE TEST AWARD: Ruffles Reduced Fat. 
Perfect for the thickest, sloppiest dip. Stays crunchier longer out of the bag than similar ridged potato chips.

TASTE TEST AWARD: Cape Cod Kettle Cooked Reduced Fat. 
Supercrunchy with lots of character—all the twists, bubbles, and folds say "homemade," not "factory."

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