April 02, 2013

I spent more than six years in college, and let me tell you, there may have been just one too many finals weeks. In all those exams and through all those projects, there’s only one thing that stands out in my memory: the finals week survival kit a friend sent me. In the box was coffee, star-shaped sticky notes, and a few words of encouragement. I don’t remember precisely, but the chance that I had pulled an all-nighter the day I received it is about as high as the chances of rain in Oregon in February — which is to say high. The box was exactly what I needed.Whether it’s for a friend, a special someone, or your kid, these three easy steps can help you make your student an Exam Survival Kit.

Step 1

The first step is figuring out when your student’s exams are. You don’t even have to be sly. When they call you to complain that their roommate eats leftovers off molded-over plates, you can simply throw in, “Hey, you sound stressed. You have any big exams coming up?” Ta-dah, step one complete.

Step 2

Next, assemble your supplies. An Emergency Exam Kit doesn’t need to be elaborate. But heck, if you want to order a

Here are some suggestions we have for what to pack:Something Special:

Cute book bags are a great alternative to wrapping, and faster to open too!
And remember, even if you can only pack a candy bar and a sticky note saying, “Good Luck!” your student will appreciate the gesture -- maybe even years later, the way I still feel about the little box Anneka Miller sent me.

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